Paper & Yarn: November 2009

Paper & Yarn

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30 November 2009

Last call...

Still haven't heard from marmee. Again, your e-mail wasn't in your comment. Please contact me by Tuesday midnight so I may send this out on Wednesday. If I don't hear from you by Tuesday midnight, I will choose another comment. Thanks.

29 November 2009

December Daily Winner...

UPDATE! The winning comment as chosen by is...

number 8

marmee said...
Am I too late? I hope not as this is a fab giveaway! Thank you!

Wanted to thank everyone, again, for entering and send a shout out to marmee. Your e-mail isn't listed in the comment and I still haven't received your snail-mail address. Please e-mail me as soon as you can so I can get this out as soon as possible. :) My e-mail is in the right hand column or leave a comment here with your e-mail, so, I may contact you personally.


28 November 2009

December Daily Giveaway...

UPDATE! The winning comment as chosen by is...

number 8

marmee said...
Am I too late? I hope not as this is a fab giveaway! Thank you!

Thank you marmee. Please send me your snail mail address so I can get this out to you on Monday. :) My e-mail is in the right hand column.

Thanks for all of the entries and good luck with your own December Daily.

LAST CHANCE TO ENTER! - Update, comments will close at 12:00 am PT tonight. So happy to see all the comments!

This will be the official post for the December Daily giveaway of the second set of foundation pages. They will be the same as the ones posted except where I only had one of something. So, they may have less embellishments on them, but, that just leaves more space for your ideas. :) They will be made of the same papers and the same number stickers. They will also be punched and assembled with rings.

All you have to do is leave a comment here to enter. I will leave this post up top until the giveaway closes. Please scroll down for any new posts.

Please, only one comment per person to be entered.

I would like to have at least 50 entries to make it more competitive. If I get 50 or more, I will also include some scrapping goodies with the album as an incentive. So, please feel free to post a link on your blog or twitter.

If I get 50 or more entries by Wednesday, I will close the giveaway and draw a comment number. Otherwise, I will leave it open through Thanksgiving and draw a number on Friday.

Again, please pass this along and spread the word. Thanks.

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25 November 2009

Assembled Foundation Pages

From this:

To this:

There's still time to enter to win your own copy. Just leave a comment above.


22 November 2009

Finished - December Daily 16-25

Still have to punch holes and add the rings, but, the foundation pages are finished.

Page 16...

Page 17...

Page 18...

Page 19...

Page 20...

Page 21...

Page 22...

Page 23...

Page 24...

Page 25...

back cover...will probably add something later.


21 November 2009

December Daily 11-15

Here are pages 11-15...

Page 11...

Page 12...

Page 13...

Page 14...

Page 15...

Come back tomorrow for the remaining pages and the start of the giveaway.


18 November 2009

December Daily Pages 3-10

I have pictures. Not great pictures, but, pictures none the less. So, here are pages 3-10.

Page 3...

Page 4...

Page 5...

Page 6...

Page 7...

Page 8...

Page 9...

and Page 10...

I have 11-15 photographed and I need to finish 16-25 which are all cut and just need to be assembled.

Remember to stay tuned for my giveaway.

Scroll down for pages 1-2 and the cover.


13 November 2009

No scans, back to photos.

Okay, so I tried scanning some of the pages and I do not like how they turned out, either. The scanner is really distorting the colors. I miss my old scanner. So, back to the camera. My "assistant" isn't here this afternoon, so, I'll have to wait until tomorrow when the sun is out, again.

In the meantime, I really like this TED talk. Warning, it's a bit long, but worth it.

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12 November 2009

December Daily and surprise.

The good news is I finished 15 sets of pages for my December Daily album. But, they are not photographed, yet. I'm thinking of trying to scan them instead. I don't really like how the photos are turning out. I will be doing that later today and will post an update and/or pictures.

Also, I decided to announce the surprise mentioned in the first DD post. I have TWO sets of number stickers, so, I decided to make two albums and give one away. An important note, though, the giveaway album will have the same cover, the same papers, and the same numbers. But, it will only have a few of the embellishments that I have two of. So, you will get to decorate it even more with your own ideas.

I will officially announce the contest when I post the 25th page, hopefully, next week. My plan is to have people post comments and I will draw a number, but, I would like to get at least 50 comments to make it more competitive. So, if you know anyone who would like an album, please pass the word.

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06 November 2009

Journaling tags

Tuesdays and Thursdays are very busy around here. No time for heavy crafting. So, no new pages to post today.

I did list a new item in the shop. Journaling tags for scrappers. They are made from card stock that has been stamped with journaling lines. I added one of my flowerlette embellishments to the top.

They are available here.

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05 November 2009

Dec. Daily Pages 1 & 2

The new pictures are a better match for color. I'm keeping the foundation pages simple. I'll add more embellishing later.

Page 1, left and right side. The page on the left is the back of the cover.

The rub-ons at the bottom and the paper on the left are from a kit from KI Memories. I don't know who the paper on the right is from because I glued the back on before I checked. The number and stars are from Creative Imaginations.

Page 2, left and right sides. Again, the page on the left is the back of page 1.

Both papers are from the KI Memories kit. The number and ornament sticker are from Creative Imaginations. The ornaments on the left were stamped with a Hero Arts stamp in brick red ink distress ink from Ranger. "Ribbons" were made using a white gel pen and a red marker. Jewels are from Hero Arts.

To see the cover, go here.


04 November 2009

December Daily Foundation Pages

I was going to post pictures of the cover and page 1 of the foundation pages, but, the pictures of page 1 did not come out at all. The page is red and the picture on screen was all orangey. So, I will retake those and some more pages later today.

In the meantime, here is the cover.

Details: 6" x 6"; Stampin' Up kraft card stock; "25 days of Christmas" and stars from Creative Imaginations; red "dec" and brackets from Making Memories felt alpha; "09" stamped with Inkadinkado Brenda Walton alpha clear stamp set and Colorbox olive green chalk ink; faux stitching with white gel pen.

When all the pages are finished, I will use my binderie to punch some holes and add rings to bind it.


03 November 2009

Quick note/good start...

Despite a busy day, I managed to get the covers and the first couple of pages cut down - loving my new paper cutter. I'm going with 6" x 6". I also got started on the cover. I hope to get it and pages 1-2 done and pictures taken tomorrow (or later today, depending on what time it is where you are) and put up on the site.


02 November 2009

Two new projects...

I am starting two new projects this month.

Project number one: I discovered Ali Edward's December Daily project this past week. I only started reading her blog this year, so, I didn't participate last year. I thought it might be a fun way to use these stickers. I originally planned to do an advent calendar, but, this is close enough. :) I also didn't realize how many Christmas themed papers I have. So, I have an idea and will be building my own album. I have the papers picked out and will be cutting and assembling the "base" for the album to be filled in daily in December. I will be posting pictures of completed pages, hopefully, every day or so.

Plus, stay tuned for a little surprise to be announced when I post page number 25.

Here's a sneak peek at my selection of papers.

Project number two: In honor of Thanksgiving, I am calling November, thank you month. I have a lot of thank you stamps and am going to try to use each of them to make a bunch of thank you cards for the shop.

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