Paper & Yarn: January 2009

Paper & Yarn

there is no x in "espresso"... the angels have the phonebox... my cheese, my rules...Libby says "Hi"...We thought you were dead - I was. I'm better now...

21 January 2009

Woa! Two more treasuries!

1. Yellow believe pin:

2. Purple droplette:

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19 January 2009

Finally got this treasury tonight.

And then, I found my pin in this treasury.

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17 January 2009

Another treasury. :)

Another treasury today.

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Post 200

'Cause I'm a math geek...

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15 January 2009

Another Treasury

My first box has been featured in a treasury. :)

Whenever I see that little yellow star, I always say a little "woohoo" in my head. :)

12 January 2009

Featured on a blog.

This week has been good, so far. I've had two sales and one of my houselettes has been featured on a blog. Please go to: and check it out. I love all those tiny houses. :)

In other news, today I am working on adding more boxes and cards. I'm also working on some stickers, etc., to go inside so I can get some pictures up.

All stuffed items are on sale. I will not be putting any more up until after the mess with that lead-law is sorted out. Don't want to get caught in the middle of that.

And lastly, if this doesn't make you smile...

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05 January 2009

New work - 1000 Boxes

I've started a new project - 1000 Boxes. I will be making origami boxes for my shop. Each box is signed and numbered PLUS each box will have a selection of goodies inside including: stickers and mini envelopes from repurposed paper; matchbook notepads; tags; mini cards; other scrapbook embellishments; and more. Each box will be unique and contents will vary.

iCozies will be coming back this week. I redid them with a lining to be thicker and more secure. Also coming this week; cards and tags; plus more Snarlies.

I will continue to add Snarlies until I run out of eyes. Then, that will be it for Snarlies unless there's a demand.

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Long time, no see...

Hope everyone had a great holiday season. We were quite busy with the usual festivities plus two separate hospital visits to boot. All are well now.

Here is a welcome back video that will make you smile.

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