Paper & Yarn: August 2006

Paper & Yarn

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31 August 2006

Man, I hate being sick

I must apologize for the lack of Issue #2 companion card announcement. But, I am down for the count this week. All orders will go out, toot sweet, no worries. Aside from that, I am taking it easy and trying to get better. Not that easy with three sick kids, too. Woke up this morning and was unable to take more than very shallow breaths at a time. And, we're out of decongestant. And, our car is out of commission - again. But, my husband was home and actually volunteered to walk the 4 or so blocks to our local Walgr**n's to get some much needed medicine - I think I scared him. I'm expecting(hoping) to feel more human by the weekend. Now, if we can just get the car fixed for good(knock on formica)...

In the meantime, a new angel charm in the shop.

29 August 2006

My first sale...issue #2 card

Yeah, I made my first sale(s). I'm so excited. I put some new items up today and one of them sold lickety split. It was funny because I had just put the items up and when I checked my storefront, one of them wasn't there. I got all freaked until I noticed I had a sold item! Then, another within 15 minutes. It's so neat. I must admit, I was getting a little discouraged. But, I found the Crafsters forum. The people there are so great. Lots of support. I will be putting new stuff up all week.

On the knitting front - I'm going to put a new survey out and everyone who answers will be entered to win a free Issue #2 companion card.

24 August 2006

Issue #2

Okay, two things about Issue #2. One, it's finished, but, I don't have pictures of the companion card, yet. So, I am putting up the web portion of the issue and will add the companion card portion next week after I get photos taken. I will make another announcement when it is complete.

Two, I'm doing the pattern portion differently starting this issue. I am putting the pattern up with the web portion, but, I will still offer a printed version included with the companion card.

So, to view Issue #2, please scroll down the right side and click on "Issue #2". Enjoy.

12 August 2006

Cards for Issue #2

Yay, I just received the last items I needed for the companion card for Issue #2. So, now I can start assembling the cards and then I will put up Issue #2, probably sometime, next week.

08 August 2006

Nothing really new

Small update.

Still working on cards for issue #2. I will put it up as soon as I finish the cards.

Found some really cute little cards w/vellum envelopes. I will turn them into collaged gift cards and put them up in the shop. I will also be adding some pendants like the ones I submitted to the sampler. I notice the sneak peeks are finally going up. Maybe it's just me, but I wish they would go up as they are received - before the sampler goes on sale and not wait until they go out. But, again, that's just me.

Enjoying the break from the rain today. It seems we are getting all the weather missing from the rest of the country.

I did have the strangest dream last night. DD#1 was bitten on the hand by a horsefly - only it was actually a little tiny horse with wings that was buzzing and attacking us. Very weird.