Paper & Yarn: May 2008

Paper & Yarn

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31 May 2008

I got featured in a blog!

My red beaded bead is being featured on PinkPolish Design. Thanks Katie!

Go check it out.

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Yay for bead reamers

I've been trying to figure out how to sand the inside of the wooden beads in the beaded beads. I was at walm*rt today and stumbled upon the answer - a bead reamer.

It works perfectly. Yay! I love it when a problem gets solved to easily.

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30 May 2008

New blog up soon

Etsyians have signed up to be featured on my new blog "Etsy Space". I will put a notice up here as soon as it is finished. Hopefully, by the beginning of next week.

If you would like to be featured, please send me an e-mail or a convo. Please do not just leave a comment here. Thanks.

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Two more beads

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29 May 2008

New bead listed

I have 4 1/2 beads done, now. I listed the second one today here.

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23 May 2008

Mice and Praying Mantis'

All the mice are up. More beaded beads coming.

If you were wondering what the crazy twitter post was all about, it was for a contest I entered. And, it was a true story. Here is a picture of said baby bugs.

They were all over my plant shelf on the porch. Each one was about 1/4" long.

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21 May 2008

3 Blind Mice

The beaded bead is up in my shop. Next are these...

Also, more beaded beads.

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20 May 2008

New work

I have five new items I will be listing starting tonight. They are all beaded items. Here is a sneak peak.

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I added a pdf scarf pattern on my site. It is the pattern for this scarf.

Available here in my shop.

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New treasury - Delaware

Good timing and a treasury last night. State #9. Delaware. Go check it out on the treasury blog.


17 May 2008

New Treasury

I got a new state treasury. North Carolina. Check it out on my treasury blog - link above or right side.


16 May 2008

New feature

I decided to put my rss/favorites link list up as a "link of the day" feature on the sidebar. Each day I'll put up a new link either from my rss feed or my favorites list.

p.s. Darn, missed another treasury, again, because several people deleted early. Seriously, this needs to be monitored. Will be asleep when the next one goes 'round. :(


14 May 2008

New Treasury design and blogs

I redid the links on my treasury blog and I will be adding some new blogs. To start, I am looking for crafters/artists to send me unedited pictures of their studio spaces. I'm starting a blog called Etsy Spaces (but I'll include non Estyians, too) where I feature studio spaces and a link to their shop. I'd like pictures of actual (as in not cleaned up first) spaces with all your tools and junk where it normally lays. :)

Send me an e-mail - right hand column - or a convo through my shop if you'd like to participate or for further details.

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13 May 2008

Pants sizes

Remember when a size 6 was considered skinny? And now an actress has to be a 2 or she's "huge". Well, they're not really 2's. They're 6's. How, you say? Well, recently, I found a bunch of old clothes packed away. Among them a pair of my old "skinny jeans" from some 20 years ago. They were my favorite pair of jeans, ever. You know the ones that made you look really good. Of course, they don't fit anymore. sigh. I gave them to my 18 year old daughter to try on. She couldn't button them. The point? Well, she's a size 3. The pants - a size 7. Yeah, a size 7. What the heck? Sizes have shrunk a whole 4 degrees? So, see, if a 7 is now a 3 then a 6 is a 2. But, does that make my 10 a 14? How depressing. Especially when I just lost 20 lbs. to fit in those 10's. Stupid marketing ploys.

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11 May 2008


Just finished redoing the links on my treasury blog and discovered one of them did not go to the Etsy site, but, instead went to a Myspace page (not mine). Oops. All fixed now. The next treasury will be up as soon as I can snag one. Probably not 'till after Mother's Day, though.


10 May 2008


I love this commercial.

But, perhaps the question is, why is he wearing on bun on his who who?


09 May 2008

Blue ice

This is really cool. .


05 May 2008

Next treasury - Iowa

New treasury is up here on my blog and here on the treasury list.


04 May 2008

Expired treasury

The latest treasury has expired. You can still view it in the treasury blog.


01 May 2008

New Treasury

Hawaii is up on the treasury blog. Or visit the treasury list here.