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13 May 2008

Pants sizes

Remember when a size 6 was considered skinny? And now an actress has to be a 2 or she's "huge". Well, they're not really 2's. They're 6's. How, you say? Well, recently, I found a bunch of old clothes packed away. Among them a pair of my old "skinny jeans" from some 20 years ago. They were my favorite pair of jeans, ever. You know the ones that made you look really good. Of course, they don't fit anymore. sigh. I gave them to my 18 year old daughter to try on. She couldn't button them. The point? Well, she's a size 3. The pants - a size 7. Yeah, a size 7. What the heck? Sizes have shrunk a whole 4 degrees? So, see, if a 7 is now a 3 then a 6 is a 2. But, does that make my 10 a 14? How depressing. Especially when I just lost 20 lbs. to fit in those 10's. Stupid marketing ploys.

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At 8:18 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

wWow that is depressing I was thinking too that they are changing sizes since my old clothes fit where I try on the same size now and it doesnt fit


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