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30 April 2008

Missed Treasury and Google - a rant

I almost had my Hawaii treasury last night, but, with 341 lists and 40 minutes to go, it cycled. Of course, I missed it because I thought I had 40 minutes and was looking at another window. When I checked on it, it was back up to over 500. This happens because people with lists that aren't going to expire in time, delete their lists so they can get another one. This causes the treasury to cycle early. I don't know about you, but, I think this shouldn't be tolerated. I have never and would never do this. It is cheating and very selfish. Am I the only one who thinks so?

Also found something on Google maps that is bothering me. When my daughter went to Google to look up directions to get to her friend's house, she discovered that certain cities (ours included) now have a feature called "street view". This is literally a view of the street as if you were standing right there. Your house is right there in clear view right down to your front door and the vehicles in your driveway. This is very disturbing and dangerous. And an invasion of privacy. If you scroll down, you can see how they are doing this. A panaramic camera is mounted on top of a vehicles(looks like a car) and they are literally driving down the street, filming. Not all areas are included. It seems to have started with western states and is moving across the country. This should be brought to officials attention. Please check if your city is included and do something if you don't feel this is right, either.

I welcome comments on these issues. However, my comments are moderated, so, please no foul language or flaming. They will be deleted. Thanks for listening.

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At 8:24 PM , Blogger AuntDsHandcrafts said...

Wow the google thing is scary! I live in the country b/c I want privacy. I am going to check out my road, it better not be on it.


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