Paper & Yarn: July 2008

Paper & Yarn

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30 July 2008

Taking a break this week.

Sorry, no Etsy Space this week due to college registration for daughter. Be back next week. :)

28 July 2008

Stormy the hedgehog.

This is Stormy. He belongs to my daughter. She wanted some pictures of him, so, I thought I'd share. He's a 4-year-old hedgehog. We got him when he was a couple months old and a couple inches long. Now, he's about 6" long and very feisty. He's nocturnal, so, we hear him running in his wheel all night long. Always wonder where he thinks he's going.

Yep, he's all curled up in there. :)

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Favorites #10

Favorites #10 - Zombies!

My daughter would love these. :)

p.s. My cousin's name is Christine Renee - is that you, Chrissy? lol :)

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27 July 2008

Favorites #9

Favorites #9. I love seaglass.

The shape of this pendant is very calming.

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25 July 2008

Aloha Friday

First, how to make your own homemade moon sand:

And, this is very entertaining.

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#14 - North Carolina

State treasury #14 - North Carolina - up here. I went back to the main treasury list. The last treasury didn't get as many hits as usual on treasury west.

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Favorites #8

Favorites #8 - Lots of beaded rings and things.

This shop is on my favorites because of this ring.

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24 July 2008

Favorites #7

Favorites #7 - Gorgeous glass.

I want this piece. So haunting and beautiful.

p.s. see this post for explanation of the favorites feature.

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23 July 2008

Going back to basics.

I will not be making any more beaded items for my shop (with the exception of the red velvet cake gumball bead). I have put the gumball beads on sale. I will follow with the rest in the near future. The bead stuff will stay in the shop until they sell, I just won't be adding any new bead stuff so, once they're gone, they're gone.

They have been on Modish and Cuteable and the Etsy front page. I've listed and relisted and promoted and promoted and promoted. Still no sales. I honestly thought they would be a hit. Not so much. Lot's of nice comments on them. They are fun to make, but, labor intensive. I think they would do well at a show, but, I can't afford to participate in the shows here($300+ fees - I don't think so), nor can I afford or have the time to travel. I may be hasty on this, but, to be frank, I need to make money and I can't waste my time.

Anywho, I am going back to the roots of the shop - paper and yarn. A new series of paintings and prints. Less expensive. Easier to move.

Thanks for listening.

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New Etsy Space!

New Etsy Space up! Go check it out

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Favorites #6

Favorites #6 - So cute.

Betcha can't guess why I like this one. ;)

p.s. see this post for explanation of the favorites feature.

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22 July 2008

Favorites #5

Favorites #5 - pretty fused glass.

So cute:

p.s. see this post for explanation of the favorites feature.

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21 July 2008

Favorites #4

Favorites #4 - an amazing artist.

Are these not adorable?

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20 July 2008

Rainbow cupcakes.

This blog is supposed to be about art and home, but, lately, I have neglected the "home". So, this is what we did today. My kids are teenagers, but, they still like to do fun "kid" stuff. My daughter saw a cake online like this. I decided to tweek it a bit and do cupcakes instead.

I used this recipe and left out the oreos. This cake is so yummy. I love her recipes.

We divided the batter into six bowls and colored each a different color.

Then everybody picked a color and took turns layering colors in the cupcake cups.

Here they are finished

And, here they are fresh out of the oven.

This one looks like Earth. :)

The finished product.

Of course, you must lick the bowl.


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Favorite #3

Favorite #3. The cutest plushies.

My favorites are her pet rocks.

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19 July 2008

Favorite #2

Favorite #2. I really like all the pretty glass in this shop.

This is my favorite.

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18 July 2008

Aloha Friday

Today I have two things for you. First is a fun link to try. - note: it works best if you drag it slowly at first.

And, second, with all the iphone hype going on lately, I thought this was funny.

bonus: this is not work safe, so, just a link to the video:



17 July 2008

Organizing favorites - New feature

I've been sorting through my favorites on Etsy; seeing which ones I wanted to keep, etc. So, I decided to post a new "daily" feature. Each day that I can, I will post a new favorite and a word or two on why they are on my favorites list.

I'm doing them in order. I'm not sure how long this shop has been on my favorites, but, I'm still a fan.

She makes stitch markers and handdyes yarn. I'm a knitter and I just love these stitch markers.

I love these...

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16 July 2008

#13 - Indiana

#13 - Indiana is up here. I used treasury west instead. Tired of waiting and missing the regular treasury.

15 July 2008

New Etsy Space

The new Etsy Space is up. :)


14 July 2008

I made Cuteable!

My mice made Cuteable today!

Thanks Lynsey!

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12 July 2008

Where the H*ll is Matt + Friday = Good thing

Another blog I read regularly has posted this video along with the title "Happy Friday". It is one of my favorites and I used it for "Aloha Friday".

He has a new video up on filming one of the segments:

Dancing with the Huli Wigmen from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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11 July 2008

Belated Aloha Friday

I realized between the 4th and husband leaving for a business trip, I totally forgot Aloha Friday last week and almost forgot it this week.

This is really neat.

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Featured in another treasury.

This time it is the watermelon bead. Cool treasury.

09 July 2008

Modish Giveaway

I have a gumball bead necklace in the July Modish Giveaway. Please visit and leave a comment to enter.

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08 July 2008

New Etsy Space

New Etsy Space feature up on Etsy Spaces.


06 July 2008

Another treasury for the red ball

The name of this treasury is the same as my bead. Red Velvet Cake. :)

I like the cupcake.

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TED Talk

I liked this one, too. David Pogue: When it comes to tech, simplicity sells.

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04 July 2008

Treasury of treasuries

New York - #12 - is up here. However, I will not be updating Treasury of treasuries. It is a lot of work to get the links and I don't think anybody looks at it, anyway.

I will still continue through the list of states and post them here.


02 July 2008

New Etsy Space Feature

The new Etsy Spaces Feature feature is up now. Please go check it out. :)

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01 July 2008

On the front page again

My red beaded bead is in a treasury that made the front page again. Yay.

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