Paper & Yarn: August 2008

Paper & Yarn

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29 August 2008

Aloha Friday

This was made by a teacher for his class.

Happy Labor Day weekend. Have a good one.

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Favorites #25

Favorites #25 - Beautiful glass jewelry.

Very original.

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28 August 2008

Favorites #24

Favorites #24 - Surreal art.

See what I mean. Surreal.

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27 August 2008

Getting back to normal

If you read my twitter, you know we sent middle child off to college this week. I read some bloggers posting this week about sending their kindergartners off to school for the first time. Trust me, this is way harder. Thank goodness for e-mail and cell phones. lol Already had a midnight call about a computer that wouldn't reboot and an English paper that was "trapped" inside; waiting to be printed. Youngest child is very happy to have her own room, again.

I need to get "back to work", though. I have many projects to finish, both for work and for home. Lot's of new things coming to the shop. This month has been so hectic, I haven't had any time to sit down and work on them. I'm also going to have some giveaways and finally get my next blog going - Blog Candy Blog.

Stay tuned. More to come.

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No new Etsy Space, again.

I still need some new studio spaces to feature. So, if you'd like to be featured, please send me a convo or e-mail. :)

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Favorites #23

Favorites #23 - Cupcake pincushions made from sweaters!

So cute. I like the coffee cup ones, too.

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22 August 2008

Aloha Friday

This is kinda long but cool.

Best Rube Goldberg Ever - Watch more free videos

It must have taken forever to set that up.


Favorites #22

Favorites #22 - Yes, more art! :)

So beautiful.

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20 August 2008

No new spaces

No new Etsy Space this week. I need new spaces. If you'd like to be featured, please send me a convo.

If you've been in contact with me before, but you haven't been featured, yet, please let me know. I am probably waiting for either pictures or a description. :)

Thanks, everyone.

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Favorites #21

Favorites #21 - Art and jewelry.

I just love this painting.

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18 August 2008

Favorites #20

Favorites #20 - Amazing and colorful artwork.

I love the texture of this.

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15 August 2008

A Little Aloha Friday

Just a fun video.

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Another treasury

One of my gumball beads is in this treasury.

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Favorites #19

Favorites #19 - beautiful metalwork.

Simple and elegant.

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14 August 2008

Favorites #18

Favorites #18 - Gorgeous pen and ink architecture.


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13 August 2008

Strange game.

In our house, we have a strange little game we play. One Christmas I found an old Barbie head, leftover from one of the girls. Somehow, it ended up as an ornament on the tree. Well, after Christmas was over, someone decided it would be fun to hide the doll head in the refrigerator for someone else to find. It became a game to see how long it took to find because no one was allowed to actually "search" for it.

Sometime ago, it was forgotten. Well, last week, when I was cleaning out the fridge, I found it, wayyyy back on the shelf behind some long forgotten pickles or something. So, I left it in the front of the shelf, just to see if the girls would pick it up again. And then, I forgot about it, again.

So, yesterday, I needed some eggs for something and this is what I found.

Scared the crap out of me. I thought it was a mouse. The girls did get a kick out of it as I went around the house with a, "Did you do this?". The culprit? My husband. He said it had been in there for a week - yeah, that's how often I actually cooked this week, lol.

She's back in the freezer, now. Waiting for her next victim.

Anybody else have any weird games you play in your house? ;)

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New Etsy Space

New Etsy Space up.

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Favorites #17

Favorites #17 - unique stitchmarkers. I really like stitchmarkers.

This is so cool. It's a row counter bracelet. Yes, to a knitter, this is cool. :)

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12 August 2008

Favorite #16

Favorite #16 - scrapbooks, photo albums, magnets and more...

Just can't resist bubble magnets.

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09 August 2008

Favorites #15

Favorites #15 - letterpress cards.

I've been going through my favorites in order from the beginning and weeding out the ones where I can't remember why I added it as a favorite. Well, there wasn't any doubt about these cards.

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06 August 2008

New Etsy Space

Back in the saddle. New Etsy Space up today. Check it out here.

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Favorites #14

Favorites #14 - Fantastic glass mobiles.

I love these mini mobiles.

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05 August 2008

Favorites #13

Favorites #13 - Dragonlings - so cute!

'Nuff said. :)

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04 August 2008

Favorites #12

Favorites #12 - more dichroic glass.

I love dichoic glass.

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02 August 2008

Favorites #11

Favorites #11 - Cool cards and drawings.

I like the way she uses comics in her art.

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