Paper & Yarn: November 2006

Paper & Yarn

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29 November 2006

No. 3

Kool Aid Queen

This is so cool. Plus she has the neatest purses and wallets.

27 November 2006

Next Favorite...

Another one of my favorites...


Gorgeous!! Go see more like this in her shop. :)

25 November 2006

My Favorites...

This is the very first shop I hearted. I will be listing all of my favorites here on the blog.

Please go visit RiffeRaff. Her pendants are just gorgeous. I think they would make fabulous worry stones. :) Here is my favorite.

24 November 2006

New Scarf/pin sets +

I have 5 new scarf/pin sets I will be listing next week. Plus some new pendants. I'm going in a different direction with my work. More recycled items, no more "common" earrings. I'm doing a series of glass marble pendants using pages from an old 70's hostess book. Plus more paper items coming.

03 November 2006

I have a published article.

My article entitled "What I hate about knitting" from Issue #1 has been published in an online zine. Check it out at Be sure to read the whole zine, too. :)

I have more knitting-related items coming, too. Including some new patterns. I'm not sure where I will go with the zine, though. The readership is down so much since the fiasco with the knitlist. I'm not sure where to go with it. I may submit articles to other zines instead. Look here for more updates. All suggestions welcome. :)

On a personal note, my daughter just got her learner's permit. Yikes. So, we are dealing with the constant barrage of "Can I drive?". A right-of-passage for her and us. lol

I have a new myspace page for promotion purposes. Come check it out. I welcome knitting (and crochet) friends, too.