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03 November 2006

I have a published article.

My article entitled "What I hate about knitting" from Issue #1 has been published in an online zine. Check it out at Be sure to read the whole zine, too. :)

I have more knitting-related items coming, too. Including some new patterns. I'm not sure where I will go with the zine, though. The readership is down so much since the fiasco with the knitlist. I'm not sure where to go with it. I may submit articles to other zines instead. Look here for more updates. All suggestions welcome. :)

On a personal note, my daughter just got her learner's permit. Yikes. So, we are dealing with the constant barrage of "Can I drive?". A right-of-passage for her and us. lol

I have a new myspace page for promotion purposes. Come check it out. I welcome knitting (and crochet) friends, too.


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