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31 August 2006

Man, I hate being sick

I must apologize for the lack of Issue #2 companion card announcement. But, I am down for the count this week. All orders will go out, toot sweet, no worries. Aside from that, I am taking it easy and trying to get better. Not that easy with three sick kids, too. Woke up this morning and was unable to take more than very shallow breaths at a time. And, we're out of decongestant. And, our car is out of commission - again. But, my husband was home and actually volunteered to walk the 4 or so blocks to our local Walgr**n's to get some much needed medicine - I think I scared him. I'm expecting(hoping) to feel more human by the weekend. Now, if we can just get the car fixed for good(knock on formica)...

In the meantime, a new angel charm in the shop.


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