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22 July 2006


I added some new things to my shop. Years ago, I did alot of beadwork. I still enjoy it, but, I tend to rotate my craft obsessions and now I am back to knitting. All of my interests involve fiber, though. Anywho. I have a lot of "leftover" things I made way back then. Mostly covered bottles and other objects. But, I also made jewelry, and so I decided to add some earrings I made from back then. They are shapes made from seed beads. A cat and some crosses.

I also added a matching scarf and mini-purse I designed last winter. Very simple. I didn't write down the pattern for the purse, though. So, I will have to sit and figure it out again before it's gone, lol, and add it to a future issue.

I am working on my article for "what I hate about knitting" for issue #2 which I hope to have finished by August. The pattern to be included in the companion card will be another scarf I designed. Please join the notify list (on the sidebar) to be notified when it is available to read.


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