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23 July 2006

New scarf and ramblings

I put the prototype of the scarf I designed - pattern to be included with issue #2 - up in the shop if you would like a peek. It is the blue cashmere one.

I am currently reading this book. It is very interesting. So interesting, I actually bought it when the library didn't have a copy. What's the big deal? Well, if I bought every book I wanted to read, I'd have no money and no more room to keep them.(you should see my wish list on Amazon lol) So, I have resigned to borrow from the library whenever possible and only buy the rare, must have, item - like Harry Potter. My favorite thing to do, is find the book on tape or cd at the library and then listen to it during the day while I work or do chores. Otherwise, I'm limited to the 10-15 minutes I can sneak here and there to steal some reading time. You know what I'm talking about.

Things that are bothering me today: websites that keep hijacking the screen when you're trying to go to another window and teachers who complain on their blogs about how they can't stand their students or even kids in general. Why are they there? It's like doctors who don't like people.


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