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13 September 2006


#1. First, the winner of a free companion card from issue #2 is: Leslie A. of NC.

#2. I am having to e-mail each entrant individually to let them know of the results because I am banned from posting anymore about the survey questions/issues on the knitlist. (I don't believe I did anything wrong, but, if you would like details, please e-mail me privately) So, I ask your patience while I do that. But, I will get to you.

#3. Most of my readers come from the knitlist, so, I am unsure what to do about the zine. Should I continue with the possibility of no readers? What do you think?

#4. I will still post the results of the survey here when they are ready, so please check back often.

#5. Thanks for all the support I've received so far. :)


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