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02 November 2009

Two new projects...

I am starting two new projects this month.

Project number one: I discovered Ali Edward's December Daily project this past week. I only started reading her blog this year, so, I didn't participate last year. I thought it might be a fun way to use these stickers. I originally planned to do an advent calendar, but, this is close enough. :) I also didn't realize how many Christmas themed papers I have. So, I have an idea and will be building my own album. I have the papers picked out and will be cutting and assembling the "base" for the album to be filled in daily in December. I will be posting pictures of completed pages, hopefully, every day or so.

Plus, stay tuned for a little surprise to be announced when I post page number 25.

Here's a sneak peek at my selection of papers.

Project number two: In honor of Thanksgiving, I am calling November, thank you month. I have a lot of thank you stamps and am going to try to use each of them to make a bunch of thank you cards for the shop.

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