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18 July 2009

Baby gecko

Today, we rescued a baby gecko caught between the window and the screen. It was about 2 inches long. It's not the first one, either. Some years ago, when the girls were little, we found about 5 or 6, about the same size as this one, trapped in the same window. Still don't know how they get in there. Once again, my daughter liberated it and we let it go to safety in the yard. I didn't think to take a picture until it was over.

It made me miss the geckos that shared our house in Hawaii. They never got bigger than 3 or so inches, but, they sure took care of the bugs. We'd find them up on the ceiling or walls or in the light fixtures. Occasionally, we'd find a petrified one sticking out of a power strip. Then, there was the time I accidentally painted one yellow and the time I accidentally chopped off the tail of another one with the lid of the washing machine. (they grow back, the tails do)

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