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07 July 2009

Flowerlette #1

I have four new cards finished which will go up in the shop this week. The first one will go up tomorrow morning (if you're reading this on Wednesday, it should already be up) It is a generic "hello" card. The flowerlette cards will be OOAK, except this one. It is a run of 150 cards I did several years ago, but, didn't sell all. I have a number of them left and will list them until they run out.

BTW, the green yarn I used was hand dyed with lemon lime koolade in my dishwasher.

The other three are a set (each sold separately) of a sentiment card; a birthday card; and what I'm calling an alphabet card. Each was made using the same ink, hand stamped patterned paper, and, of course, include a flowerlette.

I am working on my first embellishment kit which will be suitable for card making or scrapbooking. It will include a set of flowerlettes for your use, plus, a number of handmade embellishment elements from the cards in the set. The kit will include a flowerlette "daisy" like the one from card #1 above; hand stamped sentiments from the other cards in the set; a hand stamped patterned paper from the card set; a journaling tag; an element of three (to be explained, later); and more.

I will also be listing some flowerlette mini note card sets and altered moleskine journals. Stay tuned.

1 down... 9,999 to go...

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