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07 May 2009

Studio redo pt. 1

I'm making some resolutions to blog more and add more items to my shop. So, here's off to a good start, I hope.

My "studio" is my dining area. There is a dining table in here, but, also three (yes, three) computer desks and all my craft storage area. (luckily, it's a pretty large room.) It's open to the kitchen and gets a lot of traffic. I decided to redo a number of things in here, including additional storage and new drapes/blinds for the window/sliding door. It's about half done. Here's a before of the storage wall. I thought I'd taken the whole thing, but, only got half. I know, it was a disaster.

Since then, I removed the cubicle shelves and added 4 more cubes to end up with this:

I really like my new paper trays. :) Wish I had room for more.

Some clutter from a card project I just finishes and haven't put away, yet. (The video tapes are awaiting review to determine what's on them, so, they will not stay there forever.)

I keep all my paper goods, card making/stamping supplies, and painting supplies in these cubes. Someday I might get around to labeling the drawers. Probably not.

Next on the list is my yarn storage which is next to my desk around the corner. You won't believe the "before" of that. lol.

'Till next time...


At 7:11 PM , Blogger Amy said...

That is SO what I need to do and get organized, unfortunately for me, I don't see that happening any time soon :)

At 6:15 AM , Blogger Audrey said...

My craft room is a mess right now. I really need to remove everything and start again.


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