Paper & Yarn: Tea Pockets and Girl Scout Cookies

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10 March 2009

Tea Pockets and Girl Scout Cookies

Introducing - Pockets. First up, Tea Pockets. These are really fun to make. And, they're not just for tea, either.

Also, we looked for Girl Scout Cookies this week and found out that different areas of the country get different cookies. We don't get "real" Girl Scout Cookies - you know the ones with the fancy names - tagalongs, trefoils, etc. No, we get these crappy, full of corn syrup, generic, ones with names like - peanut butter cookies?!?!?! It turns out that there are TWO companies that make the cookies for the Girl Scouts and they ship to different parts of the country. So, I'm on the lookout for anyone with access to the REAL cookies. Anyone?? Bueller??

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At 7:47 PM , Anonymous andrea said...

This is very cute:)
Found you in the etsy forums:)

At 9:57 PM , Blogger Tim said...

That is a bummer about the cookies - I'm in Brooklyn and we get the real deal. I am craving a "Lemonade" now :)


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