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26 April 2009

Yikes! (and a sale)

Didn't realize how long it's been. You know how it goes. Tax time, etc. Oh, and my baby turned 19 on Thurs. I'm still in denial. Anywho, I have about a dozen ideas and issues I'd like to write about if I only had 4 extra hours in the day.

In the meantime, I'm going to be adding some new items in my shop soon. They will be more of the paper persuasion than yarn. So, I'd like to clear out some of the items still available. I will be having sales on different categories of items. This week, my tissue cozies will be on sale through next Saturday. Purchase any tissue cozy, put BLOG20 in the note to seller and receive 20% off (excluding shipping). You will receive the discount in a paypal partial refund.

I wanted to add my favorite Christopher Walken video - I love Christopher Walken - but, I couldn't find the one without embedding disabled. If you ever want to be entertained, go to youtube, do a search for Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice, and enjoy.

I did find one of the SNL skit with the Walken family reunion(embedding also disabled). It was a video of a tv playing SNL. Like they set the video camera in front of the tv and started recording. Okay...

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At 9:09 PM , Blogger elsiee said...

just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread - love it! my baby will turn 21 in October so I completely understand your denial - come on over and visit me sometime:


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