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09 May 2009

Collections pt 1

I'm a collector. My family would call it being a pack rat. My largest/oldest collection is a collection of frogs. Very specific frogs. But, more about them in part 2. I also collect small wooden boxes; tiny toy critters; tiny glass bottles; and more. Did I mention I like tiny.

My latest obsession is with tiny houses. These sit on the shelf above my desk.

The first one is one I made. It is about 2 inches high. I actually made more and sold the rest. I decided to keep this one and look for more tiny houses. The rest are from this shop the little red door. They are so cute. They are glazed ceramic and the smallest is only an inch tall.

I also like this shop: junque and these houses: wunderlust.

p.s. The beaded items behind the houses are mine and the bowl is by my daughter.

What do you collect??

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At 11:21 AM , Blogger thelittlereddoor said...

thank you so much for this shout out :) I always love to see my customer's little villages!


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