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07 July 2009

Trader Joe's

This week we've been eating a lot of Trader Joe's brand name items. Some of our favorites are sweet and sour chicken - yum; spaghetti with Trader Joe's italian meatballs simmered in Trader Joe's tomato basil marinara sauce; and teryaki burgers made with Trader Joe's island soyaki sauce. I like how they change the "Trader Joe" on the label to fit the food - like Trader Giatto and Trader Jose.

During our last trip, they finally had the mini peanut butter cups in, so, I tried this recipe out. I think next time, I will add a bit more sugar as they weren't as sweet as muffins should be, but, otherwise they were pretty good.

BTW, aren't those cups cute? I found them on Etsy, but, unfortunately, they stick to the muffins/cupcakes/whatever you're baking. It doesn't help if you're still leaving half the muffin behind, you know?

And, last, here is a picture of the peaches I used to make that peach pie.

They're saturn peaches... I know! We found them at Sam's. So sweet and juicy, too. I will be getting them again.



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