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09 November 2010

Freebie #6

UPDATE!! Freebie #6 is gone. I will have more fibers coming. :)

Freebie #6 is in my shop. Shop link in right hand column. It is still free - please, don't pay the 20 cents minimum required for listing.

To get this freebie, purchase it from my shop. However, you MUST put "Paper & Yarn" in the notes to seller, so I know you came from my blog.

Freebie #6 is "handful" of fibers. You will receive several fibers of different colors and lengths.

This freebie will be open until someone purchase it.

Some additional notes about the freebies. I will be mailing them out once a week, probably on Mondays of the next week.


At 10:22 PM , Blogger kellyjp29 said...

Hi I am new to etsy and found your etsy items, this is a great thing you have going thanks for linking me to your blog. I will have to add you as a favorite. Can't wait.


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