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09 December 2009

Stuff and updates and venting.

Yay! The journal has been claimed! No more worries.

Yesterday, we saw a bird flying backwards, the wind was that strong.

I definitely don't like the cold - do not miss that part of the Midwest.

Someone told me they will be giving the gift I worked hard and made for them for a secret santa exchange to their friend. I think that was supposed to make me happy. It did not. If you re-gift - one of my all time pet peeves - please don't tell the person who gave it to you for heaven's sake. That's just rude.

I won a giveaway from one of my all time favorite shops - the little red door. What a nice early Christmas present - more tiny houses for my collection. :) No pictures, 'cause I already uploaded today - it's a pain doing it more than once a day.

And...I have a bunch of Christmas cards I made and decided to give away. If you would like one to keep or send yourself, please go to my shop.

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