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20 October 2008


First, for the blog, I am redoing the favorites feature into one post that will be accessible from the sidebar. As soon as I am done transferring them to the one post, all the individual favorite posts will disappear.

Second, I have been working hard all week on two new shop items. I am going back to my roots of paper and yarn. I have created two amigurumi items - Houselettes and Snarlies. So, what the heck is a Snarly or a Houselette, you say?

Well, a Houselette is a tiny crocheted, stuffed, and decorated house. They come in various colors and are about 2" tall.

Snarlies, on the other hand, are also crocheted and stuffed, too, but, are little creatures based on a story I used to tell my girls when they were small. Of course, like most little girls, my girls woke up with many tangles in their hair. And, like most little girls, they did not like having their hair brushed out. So, to try to ease their "suffering" (and pass on the blame), I made up the Snarlies. The Snarlies were little creatures that lived under their pillows and came out at night to entangle their hair. They would check each night for Snarlies - of course, never finding any. Sometimes, the Snarlies would show up anyway; sometimes, they were spared. Even though, they grew out of it, of course, (although, my youngest believed in them a little bit too long) the idea of the Snarlies is something they remain fond of and, I imagine, will make an appearance for their little girls, too.

Anywho, no one ever asked just what they looked like, so, I thought the Snarlies needed manifesting. If you'd like to know what a Snarly looks like, tune in tomorrow for their debut in my shop.

The Houselettes are on their way, too. And, each Snarly and Houselette will have their own portrait available in the shop, too.


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