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16 December 2008

Let it snow...

We don't get much snow here. Maybe 3 or 4 times a year. But, it snowed yesterday. And snowed. And snowed. And snowed.

This is what it looked like at about 7 pm last night.

This is about 1 am.

And this is today.

Yeah, it doesn't stay.

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At 8:42 PM , Blogger Plaidfuzz said...

I wish it would melt like that here! We got about 5" today and the high was maybe 6. Yuck!

At 11:32 PM , Blogger Stacey said...

Where are you? I am so jealous, would love to see a bit of snow.

At 2:08 PM , Blogger Mayhem said...

I am so jealous...but because I would love for the snow to go away!! We have had snow every single day since December 12th. I HATE snow!


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